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Aceh Historical Tour


Aceh Historical Tour
(Daruddunia – Pasai)

This proposal offers a package of Aceh heritage trail called Bustanussalatin Trail. A tour program visiting some locations that traversed by Sultan Iskandar Thani while traveling from Darruddunia to Pasai in 1639. The story was written by Nuruddin Ar-Raniri in the Book of Bustanussalatin (Kitab Bustanussalatin).

The heritage tourism activity also aims to preserve the heritage objects which still exist, so next generations still know the history and the true identity of the Acehnese.

There are some stories were carried when Sultan and his entourage visited the manzils, including:pohon

  • Elephant trapping,
  • Meeting with overseas ambassadors,
  • Giving & receiving tributes/gifts,
  • Fishing & hunting,
  • Pilgrimage to the tombs of the ancestral kings.

The trail’s agendas include:gajah-hitam

  • Visiting the manzils,
  • Visiting some attractions/objects at the manzils (historical objects, religious attractions, scenery objects, elephant and
  • Culinary tourisms),
  • Rally games.


Day 1


Day 2